WEEK 42/2023

Update: 17.10.2023 / Show info

This week we especially recommend NIQA’s pop, radio and energetic single – “LaLa”, which is characterized by a great production class, the Artist herself is a well-known singer in Poland who achieves great successes, appears on numerous Spotify editorial playlists and regional and national playlists radio stations. A song with great potential, we highly recommend playing it!

Additionally, we also present the English-language version of Mega H’s single, which has a catchy melody. The artist also has an interesting voice.


Airdate 20.10.2023

Listen and download:


Genre: energetic, radio pop

NIQA is the project of the alter-ego of Dominika Kwiatkowska, very well received on polish radio stations. In this project, the artist focuses on energetic sounds and well-served, entertaining, fast-paced pop, all mixed by Tabb, famous producer in Poland. NIQA is Dominika’s English-language project, the single will also be promoted on international radio stations. We recommend it! 🙂

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Airdate 07.2023

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Lost In Life Megi H

Gatunek: melody and catchy pop

Interesting voice timbre, catchy melody and good reception on streaming services made us decide to propose this song to be played on radio stations.

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